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About Yepp

I am the utmost Creative Web Developer located in London, UK.
My name is Temel i'm a freelance designer/programmer, working under the name of Yepp
I strive for contemporary design that is accessible to everyone
I'm a big believer in the use of web standards

What I do?

Powerful websites that look beautiful.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

-- Scott Adams --

My Services

My services are delivered with the years of experience are passionate about developing business

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  • We bought web design, maintenance and IT consultancy services from Yepp Media for the last 4 years and we are really happy with the quality and affordable services we have been receving from them

    Mark, Cloud Essentials
  • Yepp Media has been providing web design and IT Consultancy services for us.
    He definitely knows what he does.

    Joseph, Xmas Castle
  • I have bought lots of services such as web design, programming and consultancy from Yepp Media, I can highly recommend their services to everyone.
    Thanks Yepp!

    Dr. Uddin, Educare International LTD

My Featured Portfolio

Hire me if you like what I do because I help Agencies to link Business processes and People
Here is a Quick Snapshot of some of my work!



185 Downhills Way, N17 6AH
London, United Kingdom

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